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Every business owner builds a website, keeping in mind two main objectives. One to have an online presence so that the business is easily accessible. Two enhancing the overall business revenue and income to take care of expenses. We all know that many people browse the net every second. In a day, people across the world visit millions of sites every day.

Beating Competition with a Quick Loading Website

Given the fact that there are so many competitors, it is essential that a business has to keep a constant eye on their website. The loading time of a page plays a vital role in retaining potential clients. A slow-loading page can mean the loss of a potential client. It also means a low-rank of the page and the overall website. This is where web speed test online tool comes to play.

What is the PageSpeed Insight Tool?

The PageSpeed insight is a handy tool, especially when you want to pinpoint the page's problem. Through this tool, you can find out the various technical issues with your site. It also helps to understand how these technical problems can impact the overall performance and speed of a website. The tool will help you to understand

Why Should We use a Mobile-friendly Test Online Tool?

One of the primary reasons for using pagespeed insights checker tools is the gauge the overall performance of a website. This also includes the whole experience a user has, and how fast or slow the page loads. Another important reason why you should use this tool is to improve the overall ranking of the page. A slow-loading page can also result.

How to use the Pagespeed Insights Checker Tool?

This tool is very easy to use and does not need any technical experience. To generate the results, you need to type the URL of the website on the given space and click on submit. Within seconds you will get the results that will include

•    The URL and The Time is taken for the page to load
•    The number of CSS Links, Script Links, Image Links, and other resource links

You will also get further details on CSS Links, Script Links, Image Links, and other resource links individually and the overall loading time of each of them.

Benefits of Using the Tool

These website testing tools provide a detailed report that helps SEO experts, webmasters, and website owners to understand what they need to do. With the help of such tools, you can make changes to the page to improve its overall loading time. WebmasterFly’s website tester tool is quick, easy, and reliable. Through this tool, you can analyze how fast or slow the page is. Moreover, you can also use this tool whenever you are working towards improving your website's overall performance. 

The best free pagespeed insights checker tool also makes a perfect addition to your SEO strategy after making a proper analysis of your website. It is free, reliable, easy to use, and gives you a detailed report of the site or webpage that you want to improve.

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