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Keeping a note on our particular server connected with other IP addresses all around the locality and probably half of the city is crucial. Having such information about our network and connectivity becomes extensively an enormous task that would keep us away from any suspicious activities on the internet or the server. Yes, not just your IP address, but multiple IP addresses are connected to one server, and some can be suspicious. Noting down these IP addresses and their location and activities can be useful for authorities and even for network businesses. That's when Webmasterfly provided the best free reverse IP domain checker tool that comes into the picture. 

What is Reverse IP Domain Checker?

This is a tool that is used by both individuals and the businesses, and it is mainly used by officials and authorities to trace out suspicious troubles. You can now check all the IP addresses and the domain names shared on the same server. Indeed, this is very common as many people use shared hosting because it is reasonable to afford, as the websites are shared on a single dedicated server.

You can certainly enter the IP address and domain name to avail the list of IP addresses that are connected to the server. It will return the list of domains added to the record updates. 

SEO and Reverse IP

Search engines enhance the web site's rank on the links that are pointed towards the website. Some businesses do inflate hundreds or probably dozens of dummy sites with little to no content to point on specific domain names. Reverse IP Domain checker helps detect such connectivity behavior to see if these inter-linked sites are hosted on the same server or the same IP address.  

If it is found that these websites are found on the same IP address, then it is suspected to be operated by the same individual. With this method, search engines easily devalue the links on the servers and the IP address pointed on the particular server.

Using Reverse IP Domain Checker Lookup

You can use this specific tool to search and keep track of the websites and IP addresses connected on the same server. You have to enter the IP address in the search bar of the free reverse IP domain checker tool provided by Webmasterfly; it will bring up the entire list of other IP addresses connected to the server. 

You can also find the competitor's IP address or probably expand the target domain name. The domain lookup helps you find the other domains owned by the particular individual, which would also provide the owner information.

Hosted websites can sometimes cause problems, but if you are facing too many troubles using the particular site, you have to check your server and ensure that there is no duplicity on the server with IP address usage. A reverse or domain IP lookup can help you better identify these same IP addresses and domain names. 

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Reverse IP Domain Checker

Reverse IP Domain Checker tool