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One aspect of a website that always stresses SEO’s is the number of links to the website. For them, the Website Link Count Checker is important. The reason is that the more the quality links a website has, the higher it will score in the Search Engine Research Page. SEOs when optimizing websites make it their task to run a URL counter check. Also, it is a very simple tool to use just enter your website URL and click “Submit” and the tool will automatically provide you with the number of links to the website.

The link count checker has a broad range of purposes for optimizing your website in SERP. Usually, website owners need to find out the total number of links both external and internal links on their webpage to ensure quality since it is not wise to publish too many outgoing links. This tool can help you to save a substantial amount of money which you would otherwise spend to buy link building or advertising services from a questionable service provider. Use Website Link Count Checker to count Internal and external links with anchor texts.

This free tool can be used to count how many outgoing links are on a particular page.The use of “Link Farms” (websites that are created only for reproducing backlinks) is not at all a good option for search engine optimization because they have been created with a specialized algorithm that can detect such link building activities

The summary of results will display: -        
•    Total links
•    Internal links
•    External links
These are very vital information about the website while checking website link count for website masters and SEO professionals.

Total links-  As the name suggests thissectionwill tell you the total number of links on the website which includes internal as well as external links.

Internal links - Thissection lets you know about the internal links present in your website. Internal links are those that link pages within a website. These are the links those are created via the menu or drop downs present in the website or by interlinks. For example, if a website has a menu item named ‘Brands' and in the drop-down menu, there are multiple brand names listed they are referred to as internal links and will be interlinked.

External links – External Links column lets you know about the links on your website that are to other websites. These include the links you might add in your website referring to any other related website content. The more are the number of external links the better they are for the website. However, all the links should be to related and credible to the websites and should not be linked to spam, random and off-target sites.

Website Link count checker is a very easy to use free online SEO tool, just with a single click you’ll be able to get the required information you need to know the exact number of links to your website.

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